Academic Clubs

Academic Superbowl Team

The Academic Super Bowl is a theme-based academic competition that follows specific study guides developed by a state organization. The theme this year is “Westward Expansion 1783-1900”. 

We have five squads that make-up our team. They study and compete in English, science, social studies, mathematics, and fine arts rounds. We have a sixth squad that competes in an interdisciplinary round that covers all five of the other areas. Any student enrolled full-time at Clay High School is welcome to join and compete on our team.

Squads start practicing in November and the competitions are held in March and April. 

The 2015 Indiana Academic Super Bowl theme will be “The Grandeur That Was Rome”.

The 2016 Indiana Academic Super Bowl theme will be “Hoosier Heritage”.

German Club

Faculty sponsor: Frau Kazmierzak
Activities: Candy Sale
Field trip to Indianapolis or Chicago

Every winter, the German Club sells authentic Austrian chocolate bars at school to earn funds to subsidize our annual spring field trip. This year, we will be traveling to Indianapolis on Friday, April 25. We will tour the Atheneum, which was built around 1894 and has served as the German cultural center for German-Americans. We will also be eating at the Rathskeller German Restaurant. Parents of German Club members are encouraged to volunteer as chaperones for this trip.

Math Team

Since the mid 1970's Clay High School has had a "math team". Interested students from honors and advanced math class have competed in contests located from Southwestern Michigan to the Ohio border of Indiana. We have competed against similar teams from lower Michigan, through Northern and Central Indiana and Western Ohio. Here is a list of the locations:

  • Southwestern Michigan
  • Notre Dame
  • Bethel College
  • IUSB
  • Huntington University
  • Trine University
  • Saint Mary's (regional state contest location)

Each year we participate in 3 to 4 contests. Some are team contests, while others are individual ones. Some are for all grade levels and others are for junior/senior level students. Most of the contests limit the number of contestants form each school. The students use their participation as resume builders for college applications. Many of the schools hosting the contests use them as a recruiting tool. Additionally, most solid math students enjoy competing against others of similar abilities. 

This is a loosely organized team. There are no meetings only a call out by their classroom teacher a few weeks before each contest. Interested students sign up and the roster is formed for the competition.

For more information contact Gene Buczynski at [email protected]

Mock Trial

Important Details

  • Runs late October through at least mid-February when the regional competition takes place
  • State competition is in early March
  • Nationals are in May
  • Students learn a case: parties involved and details surrounding the parties and the incident(s)
  • Students take on the role (i.e., act) of attorney and/or witness
  • Students learn so much as they must know the case from the perspective of the defense and the plaintiff/prosecution
  • Students also learn how to enter evidence into trial, make objections, argue objections, and many more legal terms
  • Students also learn public speaking skills, writing skills, persuasion skills, critical thinking skills, organizational skills, time management, cooperative learning being part of a team, and much, much more

Dianna Christopher
Clay High School
English Department

Quiz Bowl
The Quiz Bowl is a great way for students to showcase their trivia knowledge! Compete in a Jeopardy-style trivia game with area schools in the St. Joe Valley League. We meet every Wednesday, usually from 3-5:30.

Mrs. Heathar Bradbury
English @ Clay High School
[email protected]

Rotary Speech Competition

Competition Details

  • Students choose the type of speech they wish to give in the competition: original oratory, impromptu, etc.
  • Students learn the basic skills used by competent orators
  • Students also develop critical thinking skills, organization skills, creativity skills, time management skills, performance skills, writing skills, and much, much more
  • Competition is in mid-April
  • Monetary awards are given to top qualifiers

Dianna Christopher
Clay High School
English Department