Construction and Design Processes


Introduction to Construction 

Clay high school is proud to offer hands-on, real world experiences through construction. Students will learn safety procedures, problem solving skills and basic fundamentals involved in construction processes. Introduction to construction covers systematic hand tools to large machinery. As students complete this course they will be able to read blueprints and accurately carry out proper steps taken when creating a system. Cost analysis along with fundamental math skills are incorporated into each construction lab. As students graduate from Introduction to Construction they will have obtained a well-rounded view of the construction environment and what duties they entail. 

Introduction to Design Processes 

This year-long course explores technical processes and employs creative problem-solving in developing, engineering, and communicating designs for products. Classroom projects will help students understand important procedures and steps needed to be taken in order to become a successful designer. Designers in this course will build their knowledge from the ground up using Autodesk 2014 software. A large portion of Introduction to Design Processes starts from 2D multi view drawings, graduating to 3D wire frame modeling. Designers will also explore architectural layouts and renderings. As new designers graduate this course, they will have built a great knowledge base using CAD software. Students will be able to accurately design and develop products in a timely manner.