Automotive Technology


Introduction to Transportation

76634 (7663-7664) 

Introduction to Transportation is an introductory course designed to help students become familiar with fundamental principles in modes of land, sea, air, and space transportation, including basic mechanical skills and processes involved in transportation of people, cargo and goods. Students will gain and apply knowledge and skills in the safe application, design, production, and assessment of products, services, and systems as it relates to the transportation industries. Content of this course includes the safe use of tools and machines used to repair and maintain vehicles used in the transportation field. Study of the four stroke cycle engine is covered, including disassembly and assembly of a small engine. Basic automotive care and maintenance is also covered, including oil change procedures, tire mounting and balancing, and basic brake replacement. This course allows students to reinforce, apply, and transfer their academic knowledge and skills to a variety of interesting and relevant transportation related activities, problems, and settings. 

Automotive Services Technology I 

77478X 1 hour CHS; 77478Y 2 hours CHS 

The courses below are dual credit classes where the student will receive high school credit and college credit from Ivy Tech. Automotive Services Technology I is intended for those students who desire to learn more about the field of automotive services. Students are expected to master job-entry level skills and knowledge of the automobile upon completion of this course, however, post-secondary training at a NATEF certified institution is highly recommended. Students are expected to meet industry-acceptable dress and grooming standards, comparable to automotive repair shop expectations. 

Safety and generally acceptable working procedures will be stressed in each area of instruction.

Introduction to Automotive - 49514 - AUTC 100 

This is an introductory course which gives students an overview of the operating systems of the modern automobile. Students will be introduced to the safety and operation of tools and equipment used in the automotive industry. 

Engine Fundamentals - 47061 - AUTC 107 

This is the first of two courses that cover the automotive internal combustions engine. This course presents engine theory and operation and studies the various engine designs utilized today. Studies will include component inspection and precision measuring. The course will also cover all related items including gaskets, lubricants, sealants, coolants utilized in modern engines. 

Engine Repair - 49878 - AUTC 127 - 51B 

This course focuses on repair techniques for today’s engines. The course will utilize precision measuring tools, specialized tools and equipment, and emphasize following prescribed procedures needed to properly repair today’s modern engine.