Art Concentration

Painnt Brushes
Art is a hands-on, creative strand that requires finished visual products. Art students are encouraged to experience as many different forms of art as possible. They are also required to take at least one art class every semester during high school. 

What can you do with a major in art?

Become a...

 - Art teacher - Web page designer -Commercial Artist
 - Photo lab technician - Art consultant -Sign painter
 - Professional artist - Museum/gallery guide - Photographer
 - Toy/Game designer - Architect - Film editor
 - Book illustrator - Furniture designer/maker - Comic book illustrator
 - Draft person - Animator - Cinematographer
 - Graphic artist - Fashion designer - College art professor
 - Advertising art director - Interior designer - Interior decorator
 - Floral designer - Jeweler - Art dealer
 - Art therapist - Film/video camera person - Fashion photographer
 - Greeting card designer - Structural design engineer - Special effects technician
 - Scene painter
...and a whole lot more!!