Kyle Schreiber, 574-393-4900, [email protected]

Families can request books from their child's school library and pick up the books at the school.

Book request formIf a family doesn't have transportation to pick up the books at their home school, your librarian will send the books to a school near you so that you can walk over and pick them up. If you have any questions, contact your child's school.

Select up to three books from your school:

  1. Using a student or SBCSC email account, the parent/guardian or student can click on the link Book Request Form.

  2. The student/parent enters name, student ID if known, school, clicks on the school catalog link, then searches for books and enters the book requests on the library check-out request form. The form automatically generates a response to the student with the books that are ordered.

  3. The Librarian gathers materials.

  4. The Librarian emails back with a date and time for pickup, and how the books will be picked up and dropped off (based on how the librarian and school decide is best for them).

  5. Parents or students may pick up books and return books as per that school's curbside policy (please return any library books at the time that you pick up new books).

The Clay High School Main Office is open 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday-Friday.

If you have questions or a specific class need, email [email protected]