Dance Concentration

Dance is a performance-based strand. Dance students are required to take a dance class every semester and to perform in recitals with their class as scheduled.

DRESS CODE FOR DANCE CLASSES: Level II and above are required to wear all black attire and ballet slippers. 

What can you do with a major in dance?

Become a...

- Choreographer - Dance Critic - Studio Dance Teacher
- Accompanist - Professional dancer - Dance/Theater Director
- Aerobics Instructor  - Dance Journalist - Dance Therapist
- School Dance Teacher - Physical Therapist - Company Dance Member
- Costumer - Fitness Center Trainer - Dance Administrator
- Recreation Director - Dance Studio Owner - Senior Citizen workshops
- Dance Notator - Cruise Ship Cast  - Pilates Instructor
- Theme Park Cast - Set Designer - Technical Director
- Community Relations - Ballroom Instructor - Arts Council Director
- Dance Photographer - Dance Videographer - Stage Manager
- Arts Lobbyist/Activist - Technical Director - Talent Agent

...and a whole lot more!!